How do I use the recommendations section?
This section is dedicated to suggest the services that better satisfy the selected fields. Therefore, if you are reserving for a given group of people you should select the options that apply to the person with the lower level of certification or diving knowlege.
How do I get to the dive center?
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What is the water temperature?
Water temperature in the Summer time (July – Oct.) will range from (27°C – 30°C) / (82°F – 87°F) and in the Winter season (Nov. – June) lowest temperature would be 24°C / 75°F.
I am coming to dive but I have company. Can they come aboard anyway?
Yes, visitors can come aboard at a cost of 50 USD per visitor. However, we would not recommend it as staying in the boat might cause an unpleasant experience (seasickness).
Is there drinking water on board?
Yes, all our tours provide bottled water and snacks. We recommend consuming them after the dives.
Is it safe to bring my personal belongings on board?
Even though it is safe to bring your personal belongings on board we always recommend to leave your valuables in the lockers provided by the dive center; free of charge.
Can I use sunscreen?
No, as all our tours are performed in a Marine Protected Area it is prohibited to use any kind of sunscreen. Even coral friendly sunscreens damage and kill our precious coral reef structures.
Is SCUBA diving safe?
Yes, diving is a safe and fun activity; however, as in all sports there is always a risk factor. Therefore, you must follow all guidelines from your instructor to keep the activity safe.
How difficult is to SCUBA dive?
SCUBA diving is easy! Even though it may seem quite complicated at first, once you learn the basics and understand how to use the tools provided you would realize how easy is to breath underwater and have fun.
Do I need to bring anything special with me?
No, we provide all the equipment (including shorty) and tools to perform all our services. However, we recommend bringing warm and comfortable clothes for after diving, swimsuit, and towel.
Do I need to know how to swim to be able to dive?
No; however, it would give you greater confidence when in the water. We won’t teach you how to swim but how to use the diving equipment to perform the dive safely.
Had my first dive experience and I loved it, does this dive count towards the certification?
Yes, after completing your first dive experience with us it can count as the first Open Water Dive of the full certification schedule. Get any additional details from your instructor during your dive experience.
Can I drink alcohol before, during or after diving?
No, diving is a physically demanding activity; therefore, if there is alcohol in your body it can cause an unwanted reaction and end up in an incident or accident. If you are diving next day you want to at least have a 12-hour window prior to diving time.
Can I bring my camera when I go diving?
No, if you are not a certified diver PADI safety standards do not permit to bring a camera with you since the non-certified diver lacks the necessary diving skills to manage the camera and the diving experience.  Yes, if you are a certified diver.
What happens if the weather does not permit diving?
Wind and intense rain are the primary factors that could cause the cancelation of a dive trip. Usually we have a forecast outlook which permits us to plan; however, with climate & weather is never 100% certain. We can always reschedule the dive outing but if timing does not permit, we can provide a refund based on the terms and conditions policy signed at your reservation.
What happens if I want to suspend my training midway?
If you decide not to continue with your training after performing some portion of it, we will require to calculate if there is the possibility of a refund. This depends on the motive and progress you have at the moment of your request. Contact: for more information.
I am on board, is time to start the diving, what happens if I do not wish to go diving?
Once you are on board unfortunately, we cannot proceed on your favor since we already did all the preparations to provide the experience.
What kind of valves does the dive center tanks have?
We have both types, DIN and YOKE (intl). However, is important to advice the dive center if you have DIN to make sure we have the cylinders for you. We usually use YOKE.
Do I need to bring all my gear?
We divers enjoy using our own gear for many reasons; if you are one of those divers, bring it! We can take care of it while you dive with us each day. If you can´t/wish not to bring it or have none, we are able to provide all the necessary gear.
Do I need Dive Insurance?
Although in Mexico is not mandatory to have diving insurance, we at Tropical Sons do recommend getting it. Aside the intention of the insurance, some offer dive gear insurance and travel expense if trouble arise during the trip.  At Tropical Sons we recommend Divers Alert Network (DAN), here to know more about it
Do you have Nitrox?
Yes, we can provide Nitrox. 32% to 36% and has extra cost of 10 USD per tank. Available upon request with at least 24 hours anticipation.